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Investment Focus

Crosswalk Capital is seeking a high-quality business with a track record of growth and profitability. We know there is no “perfect business” and that every company has strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is to find foundational characteristics that will drive long-term growth and profitability. We would gladly have a conversation about your business' unique fit within these qualities.

Industry Criteria

  • Sizable and growing industry

  • Fragmented landscape

  • Low business cycle exposure 

  • Minimal regulatory risk

  • Preferably B2B

Business Criteria

  • Defensible competitive advantage

  • Recurring / contractual revenue

  • Identifiable growth opportunities

  • Diverse, loyal customer base

  • Dependable middle management

Financial Criteria

  • $5 - $50 million of annual revenue

  • $1 - $7 million of annual cash flow

  • History of profitability and growth

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